Frequently Asked Questions

BibleMesh seeks to be a tool for churches to use in discipleship. Churches are able to purchase licenses to give out to their people at a discounted rate. Please Contact Us to learn more.

The Bible is the infallible Word of God and the central book in the history of Western civilization. The basis of the faith of billions of people around the globe, it has inspired countless works of art, literature, and charity. Yet many people express frustration over their attempts to understand the Bible. They have picked up a smattering of information over the years and know certain parts of God's Word better than others, but they still do not see how the story fits together. And yet, when we open the pages of Scripture, we discover One God, One Book, and One Story. BibleMesh aims to help people understand the big picture as well as important facts of the Bible.

Videos on BibleMesh are designed and built exclusively for our members. They cannot be downloaded, but remember that being a member gives you access 24 hours per day 7 days per week to study at your convenience and return any time to refresh or enjoy.

Yes, you can use BibleMesh on phones and tablets including the iPhone and iPad. BibleMesh videos have HTML5 video support for Apple devices.

Yes – simply look for the widget titled “My Bible” on your profile page and throughout the site.

Anyone can join at, so you can simply e-mail the link or post it on Twitter or Facebook. Also, on your profile page, there is a link to “Invite Friends” that allows you to enter e-mail addresses.

Each aspect of the registration page must be filled out correctly in order to successfully register. If there is a problem with a portion, you will be taken back to the beginning, and the problems will be highlighted in red. Potential problems can occur if you choose a username that is already taken or if a field is left blank.

All BibleMesh videos are optimized for web viewing and have HTML5 video support for Apple devices. Please make sure you have the latest version of your browser installed, as well as Adobe Flash which can be downloaded at

  • Stalling or buffering videos are, unfortunately, among the hardest problems to diagnose. A good rule of thumb is:

If both the video and audio stall while you are viewing, you are most likely experiencing issues with your internet connection.
If the video stalls but the audio is fine, you are most likely experiencing issues related to your computer's hardware and/or software configuration.

  • Are you watching videos over a wireless connection – try watching over a wired connection.
  • Are you running other bandwidth heavy programs while watching videos on BibleMesh – try closing other programs to improve your CPU speed.
  • Perform Speed Test - The videos on BibleMesh require approximately 1.5 mb/s download speed in order to stream properly. To check your connection, please go to and click “Begin Test.” This will tell you whether or not your computer’s Internet connection is fast enough to handle the videos.
  • Perform a Traceroute - If you receive an output with 13 or more hops, the problem is most likely related to how your ISP is routing your computer's requests to BibleMesh. Unfortunately, BibleMesh is unable to fix this problem — you can try contacting your ISP's support desk to request help. If you receive an output with 1-12 hops, the issue is probably not related to your ISP.

The iKnow! screen has to be a certain size to fit all of the necessary elements in the right areas. If you cannot see all of the window, try making your web browser’s window larger or make the text size within the browser smaller. You can also try pressing F11, which will help the issue in many operating systems and browsers.

If you have lost or cannot remember your username, please go here to retrieve your username or reset your password.

If you have lost or cannot remember your username, please go here to retrieve your username or reset your password.

No, BibleMesh is not affiliated with a specific Christian denomination.

In order for the LEARN or Interactive Quiz module to track your progress, you must select “Quit” and then “Save” before closing the iKnow! window with the “X.” This will track your progress and start you in the right place the next time you study that particular era.

Keep in mind that our Terms and Conditions are something that you agree to when you become a member.  Any violation of these rules can result in cancellation of your account without refund.

  • Spamming – sending spam messages on BibleMesh is a quick way to have you removed from the site.
  • Advertising on the site
  • Watch the entire story of the Bible with commentary by Tim Keller.
  • Explore over 400 articles and videos from renowned pastors and teachers.
  • Learn biblical and theological truths using advanced techniques.
  • Discuss the Bible with pastors and a network of friends.

Please see our doctrinal statement for more information.

“One God, One Book, One Story” emphasizes the fact that we believe that the God of the Bible has revealed Himself in a unified way throughout the entire Bible.

iKnow! is a web site that uses advanced learning technology to track a learner’s progress, learning style, and memory. It uses repetition of facts to help the learner maintain the basics in their long-term memory. Primarily used to teach languages, the site also provides the structure for teaching basic facts about the Bible.

Refunds may be provided at BibleMesh's discretion if you request a refund within the first 3 days after your purchase.

If you'd like to request a refund, please email us at with the subject line "Refund Request." Please provide your full name, zip code, reason for refund request, and the email address you registered with (if different than the email address used to notify us).

Currently, BibleMesh is developing a biblical languages module for both Hebrew and Greek.

BibleMesh is developed by a team of evangelical pastors and scholars. For more information, see Editors and Staff and Contributors.

BibleMesh® is owned by a private foundation. Any profits will be used to further the work of the gospel worldwide, such as translating the site into various languages and providing access to remote pastors.

Once you’re on the LEARN or Interactive Quiz page for an era, click one of the “Launch iKnow!” options. You can choose to study smaller groups of facts (characters, key events, etc.) or all of the basic facts from a certain era. When the iKnow! window opens, it will show your progress (if you have any) on that specific group of facts. It will also show a calendar marking when you last studied and how much you studied at that time. You can choose to study 5 or 10 items in your session. Next, click “Start.”

The following screen shows the facts you will be learning in the session. Once you click “Start Studying,” the iKnow! learning engine kicks in. It will introduce you to facts you haven’t seen yet, and it will question you about the ones you have seen. It will give you more options and repeat the questions in order to get it engrained in the long-term memory. After you’ve read about a new fact, click “Next.” When a fact you’ve seen before comes up for a quiz, click “Yes” if you know the item (the iKnow! engine will then quiz you). If you don’t remember, click “No,” and it will take you back to read about it again. If it is starting to seem repetitive, that means it is working! The goal is for you to instantly recall the basic facts of the story. If you're already familiar with the Bible, parts may seem repetitive from the start because you know many of the basic facts.

When you’re finished with your session, click “Quit” to save, and then “X” to close the window. To continue the process of storing the facts in your long-term memory, remember to return to the LEARN or Interactive Quiz section until you achieve 100% progress for the particular era of the story.