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5 Reasons Why The Biblical Story Project
Is for You



1) Thoroughly biblical and Christ-centered

The Biblical Story Project presents Scripture as a cohesive narrative of God's redemptive work through Jesus Christ from Genesis to Revelation. The content is divided into seven eras.

2) Deepen your understanding of the Bible

An international team of more than 60 scholars, pastors, and church leaders present hundreds of short articles and videos explaining the characters, events, historical contexts, and theology of the Bible, while giving you additional resources to help you study the 66 books of the Bible.

3) Self-paced learning with a 36-part lesson plan

An easy-to-follow 36-part lesson plan guides the way for you to delve into The Biblical Story Project independently.

4) Test your knowledge and know what you believe

An innovative education platform drills you on course content and automatically tailors to your learning speed and style. After studying, take each era quiz to confirm what you have learned.

5) A great value

Online Old and New Testament survey courses for credit can cost you up to $300 per hour. With 212 videos; 354 articles; and 202 charts/maps/images, The Biblical Story Project is your own one-year Scripture survey course for a fraction of the cost – for only $39.99!



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