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5 Reasons Why The Biblical Story Project
Is Perfect for Homeschoolers



1) Thoroughly biblical and Christ-centered

The Biblical Story Project presents Scripture as a cohesive narrative of God's redemptive work through Jesus Christ from Genesis to Revelation.

2) A whole-Bible curriculum

An international team of more than 60 scholars, pastors, and church leaders present hundreds of short articles and videos explaining the characters, events, historical contexts, and theology of the Bible, while giving you resources to facilitate family discussion and guidance without extensive planning.

3) Self-paced learning with a 36-part lesson plan and a variety of teaching tools

An easy-to-follow 36-part lesson plan guides the way for your students to delve into The Biblical Story Project independently. Appealing to different learning styles, hundreds of articles, videos, maps, charts, and quizzes engage your students.

4) Discussion guide fosters dialogue about the Bible

An accompanying discussion guide enables you to talk to your students about what they are learning. Curl up on the couch and work through ideas from The Biblical Story Project as a family, or use discussion questions as essay assignments for further writing and research practice.

5) A solid foundation for biblical faith

With The Biblical Story Project your teenagers will do more than soak in Bible facts. As they learn to think historically and theologically, they will come to understand the heart of the gospel through Scripture and learn to apply faith in all areas of life.




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