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The Biblical Story Project Outline

We've assembled the Bible era by era, lesson by lesson, in a way that's easy-to-follow and thrilling to learn. Take a good look at this outline. It's your first step toward a world of knowledge that's been two thousand years in the making.

Era 1


Era 2


Era 3


Era 4


Era 5


Era 6


Era 7

Era 1 - Creation

Lesson 1: In the Beginning
Lesson 2: Life in the Paradise
Lesson 3: Tragedy in the Garden
Lesson 4: The Consequences of Sin
Lesson 5: The Flood

Era 2 - The Patriarchs

Lesson 6: Abraham and His World
Lesson 7: Abraham's Relationship with God
Lesson 8: Abraham's Faith Is Tested
Lesson 9: Abraham's Offspring

Era 3 - Moses

Lesson 10: Israel in Egypt
Lesson 11: Rescued from Egypt
Lesson 12: Israel in the Wilderness
Lesson 13: Israel's Worship Part 1
Lesson 14: Israel's Worship Part 2

Era 4 - Israel

Lesson 15: The Conquest
Lesson 16: The Judges
Lesson 17: The Early Monarchy
Lesson 18: Solomon's Reign and Its Aftermath
Lesson 19: A Divided Kingdom
Lesson 20: The Prophets

Era 5 - After the Exile

Lesson 21: The Rise of Persia
Lesson 22: RebuildingĀ 
Lesson 23: Greek Rule and Revolt
Lesson 24: Jewish Identity
Lesson 25: The Rise and Influence of Rome

Era 6 - Jesus

Lesson 26: Jesus' Birth
Lesson 27: Jesus' Identity
Lesson 28: Jesus' Context
Lesson 29: Jesus' Preparation for Ministry
Lesson 30: Jesus' Ministry
Lesson 31: Jesus' Death and Resurrection

Era 7 - The Church

Lesson 32: The Characters
Lesson 33: Pentecost & the Growth of the Church
Lesson 34: The Context of the Early Church
Lesson 35: Understanding the Gospel
Lesson 36: The Life of the Church