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5 Reasons Why The Biblical Story Project
Is a Great Resource for the Church



1) Thoroughly biblical and Christ-centered

The Biblical Story Project presents Scripture as a cohesive narrative of God's redemptive work through Jesus Christ from Genesis to Revelation. The course content is divided into seven eras.

2) A whole-Bible curriculum – OT & NT overview

The Biblical Story Project explains the main characters, key events, historical contexts, and theology of the Bible, while giving you resources to facilitate small group discussions and guidance without extensive planning.

3) Small group study guides to equip church leaders

Accompanying leader guides equip churches to walk through The Biblical Story Project in small group settings over a 7- or 36-week period.

4) An evangelistic outreach resource

Give BibleMesh away to an online generation that knows the web better than the Bible. Appealing to different learning styles, hundreds of articles, videos, maps, charts, and quizzes keep users engaged with the content.

5) An online one-to-one discipleship tool

With busy schedules often making it hard to study the Bible with a new believer or seeker, BibleMesh provides an easy-to-follow 36-part lesson plan with the ability for anyone to participate in private online discussions for instruction and guidance.


What Church Leaders Are Saying

“I really can't say enough about BibleMesh. It is an amazing teaching tool. Even though it's scholarly, it's accessible to everyone. It's so good to be able to say to the people of my church, with confidence, ‘If you go through this course, you will have a tremendous grasp on the Bible.’”

Pastor Josh Lough
Grace Community Church
Waunakee, WI

“We used the BibleMesh 7-session study in our home group and it was a huge success.  The videos were engaging and the theology sections sparked great conversations.  Also for me with a busy schedule, I particularly appreciated how easy it was to prepare and lead the sessions.”

Carter Hinckley, Elder
Redeemer Presbyterian Church
New York, NY


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